Cyclorama de Jérusalem

Musée privé de l’époque du pré-cinéma, depuis 1895

 APPRECIATIONS of the Cyclorama of Jerusalem

«Truly unbelievable! Something we wouldn’t to have missed»
Mr. & Mrs. S.F. Karos, Buffalo, N.Y.

«Very impressive and rememberable. There are no words to explain it. It must be seen.»
S. D’amico, Brooklyn, N.Y.

«This is really outstanding and beautiful.»
Mr. & Mrs. D. Pinoid, 128 Blake St., Lewiston, ME.

«The nicest masterpiece I have seen yet. Congradulations! It is well worth coming again.»
Sr. Louise Aline, Seatle, Wash.

«It was worth every mile we drove.»
Mrs. R. Rudyanski & Miss. D. Rudyanski, East Orange, N.J.

«Awe inspiring. Worth coming thousand of miles to see.»
William Yew, 119 Addisa St., Chelsea, Mass.

«I was impressed at the magnificient sights at Cyclorama.
One who has not seen them, has been missing a lot.»

Lise Landry, Ontario.

«Just takes your breath away.»
Mrs. John Jadamer, Fair Lawn, N.J.

«Most breath taking incident we have ever encountered.»
Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Harrington, 100 hight St., Taunton, Mass.

«One of the finest Cycloramas I have seen, surpassing the two I have recently seen.»
M. John R. Bernick, Milton, Mass.

«I have been all over the U.S. and in many parts of Canada
and I think this is one of the most beautiful sights I have witnessed.»

Mr. Bill McCauley, Pittsfield, Mass.